Andrea Folgosa

The meeting between sport, fashion and fabrics

Andrea Folgosa Martì was born in Spain and lives in Italy, training along the cultural and industrial axis Barcelona - Milan, director of creativity and production who pushes talent to become a business. The exclusive relationship with fabrics marks the lines created by the Catalan designer. Andrea Folgosa

Always sporty, Andrea follows her outdoor vocation in the world of fashion, experimenting with materials that are constantly tested by the elements. He began at the age of twenty in Barcelona, ​​designing and producing the Green Place line intended exclusively for golf enthusiasts. A success followed by years of work at the Spanish branch of Marithè & Francois Girbaud where Andrea reached professional maturity, destined to explode in Milan.

In the fashion capital, Andrea experiments with Progetto Moda, Esprit de Corp, Blow Up, Kalik. Over the years, he moved from the role of knitwear manager to coordinating the style and production area.

Among other projects, Andrea designs the Daniel's Spring line – sports and technical golf clothing – for Golf' Us, a European chain of specialized stores.
By collaborating with Aero Sekur which produces parachutes and space technology, Andrea begins to get closer to his personal dream: producing jackets for women who move fast and are always elegant. She designed a successful jacket and began her independent journey which today leads her to the Folgosa brand and its flying jacket.